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Kickoff (formerly Kudos Fitness), is a San Francisco-based startup that provides one-on-one personal training remotely. Clients receive daily exercise routines and nutrition guidance from their trainer via messaging and inside the Kickoff app. I worked with Kickoff from Q4 2019 through Q1 2020 to evolve their offering from the MVP stage to a robust offering after growing past several hundred users.

During our engagement, I was the sole designer at the company, and with no formal PM, I had a broad array of responsibilities including:

  • Redesigning the user facing app
  • Improving the coach facing dashboard
  • Conducting several rounds of user research
  • Redesigning the marketing site including signup flow, leveraging A/B testing and analytics to drive up conversion

Right: video tour of redesigned Kickoff mobile app

Below: video tour of redesigned Kickoff mobile app

Mobile App Overhaul:
Before & After


A A new feed approach brings entropy to the dashboard with statistics and tips that change daily. I worked with the Kickoff team to create a ranking system to ensure the most timely items, like today's workout and goal/habit logging, are displayed at the top of the feed, while tips, metrics, referrals and app feedback are lower.

B Knowing that a consistent routine is the most important factor in achieving health goals, we rolled out a simple way for users to self report progress on their eating and fitness habits. Goal prompts are set by the coach, and rotate throughout the week. The prompt flips after filling it out to show a visualization of your self reported progress.

C The new dashboard keeps users motivated by highlighting achievements and streaks through metrics cards. These cards rotate out daily to keep insights fresh.

Workout Experience

The guided workout UI received the most complaints from users before the redesign, with >10% of churners citing this area of the app as a key frustration. Top concerns were clumsy navigation between exercises, poor visuals, small type sizing, and a confusing timer.

A In the redesign, new enlarged animated visuals (to be licensed), plus enlarged weight and time/rep count, are easily glanceable from across the room or on the gym bench. The workout and set timers are separated so it's clear how much time remains for a timed set, and audio cues alert you when time is up.

B Your personal coach is front and center in the experience, with special instructions they've left for you shown underneath the exercise. A new quick feedback mechanism helps coaches learn your favorite exercises as you work out.

C Finally, the Next button is elevated and the preview of what's coming up sets users expectations and allows them to prepare for the next exercise.


Based on user feedback, we moved the schedule to a dedicated tab. Today's workout, if any, is highlighted at the top. It's easier to scroll through your history and view past workouts. Additionally, we heard from users that they wanted one place to track all their exercise, on days their coach didn't plan a workout for them. The new Schedule design allows for this by adding quick logging on recovery days.

Website Redesign

After usability testing and analyzing session recordings of the homepage, it was clear that the content was not engaging users. The previous homepage faced a steep ~40% dropoff rate. From our research sessions, we saw that over 1/3 of participants could not accurately describe the scope of services included in a Kickoff subscription within their first 30 seconds on the page.

I worked closely with the CEO to refine the design and messaging of the page, including a new scrolling How it Works section to depict what's included in the service and what to expect when signing up.

We also added signup CTAs  throughout the page, and we moved contact information questions to the first step of the signup flow rather than up front on the homepage, which led to a 23.4% increase in the number of leads collected.


Homepage to signup flow Boost
within first 30 days

Before & After

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